Monday, December 6, 2010


I'm just putting up so pictures to prove we're still alive. Everyone told me baby #3 is the hardest so I braced myself for it. Luckily, it hasn't been nearly as bad as I thought it would be. It's just different then when I had Owen and Jack. When they were babies I could usually find time to take a nap most days and still have a little down time. Not so with this one! I'm lucky to sit down at all during the day except to feed Emmett. I'm tired but don't have time to register that I'm exhausted! Thankfully, Emmett is a very good baby and we're are loving having him around! I'm so grateful that he finally decided to join our family this year. This same time last year I had just had a 3rd miscarriage and was starting to feel like we'd always be a family of four. What a difference a year makes!

Anyway, here's some random pictures.

Soccer star Owen

Owen scoring a goal

All 3 handsome boys. Thanks Grandma Walker for the cute church clothes!

Although Owen kicked and screamed while getting dressed he asked to wear them again after so many people at church told him he looked handsome. On the way home from church he informed me that the people who didn't tell him he looked handsome probably just didn't recognize him because he looked so good. Oh the Walker Boy ego! Its a strong gene.

Yup, baby #3 means time for minivan. I swore I'd never do it and I hate to admit it but I love it!

Another brother also means bunk beds! We're putting all three boys in one room so Owen and Jack got bunk beds. They love them!


Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Baby Emmett is here!

Emmett Robert Walker

7 lbs.
19 1/4 inches long

October 3, 2010
8:28 PM

We are thrilled that Emmett is here. On Sunday morning I woke up and thought maybe I was in labor. It was three weeks before my due date though so I wasn't totally sure. With Owen and Jack I was in labor for 16-18 hours so I figured even if I was I had plenty of time.

Luckily, it was General Conference Sunday so at least we were home and no one had any meetings to go to. (Normally, Robby would have been in meetings most of the day.) We hung out all morning and I even made a batch of cupcakes to take to Robby's parents' house for dinner. Around 1:00 PM we decided to go ahead and go over to his parents' house. Just in case, we packed a hospital bag and stuff for the boys. Around 4 PM, my contractions were about 3 minutes apart and we decided we better head to the hospital.

When we got to the hospital I was already dilated to 5 cm (I had already been 3 cm the week before at my doctor appt.). Within an hour I had my epidural. (Can I just say epidurals are AMAZING!) Robby and I assumed it would be the middle of the night before I had the baby. But by 8:00 PM the doctor came in, broke my water, said I was 10 cm and told me to start pushing. I literally only pushed maybe 4 times and he was here. It was crazy. Nothing like having my other kids.

Since Emmett was three weeks early we had to stay a full 48 hours at the hospital. He wasn't considered a preemie but also not considered full term. I guess they called him "near term" or an "early bird." He had a little trouble getting his temperature to even out but once he got that figured out we were ready to go home. So far he's been a great baby and pretty much just sleeps.

Here's some pictures of the little guy.


For years Owen has been talking about playing soccer. So this year he finally gets the chance now that he is old enough. Robby is his team's coach and their team is the Daredevils. Owen is loving it! So far his team is undefeated and Owen has already scored 7 goals this season. He's hilarious to watch though because even after he scores a goal he has no expression. He doesn't celebrate or anything. He just keeps playing. We keep telling him he can clap or cheer or something but I just don't think that is his style.

Owen by his team banner.

Getting ready to start the game.

Here's one of Owen's goals from last week. I know I didn't get the best shot of it, but it was my first time recording. See how he acts like nothing happened!

Another one of his goals.

Jack's 3rd Birthday

On September 6, we celebrated Jack's 3rd birthday. His birthday happened to fall on Labor Day this year so he thought the whole day was his party since Robby was home from work and we had a big barbeque with family and friends. As far as he was concerned, it was all for him. When we asked him what he wanted for his birthday all he would tell us was a boat that floats in the water. Luckily, Grandma Jane and Grandpa Jim were on top of it and got him several bath toys that all float in the water. He also got a Webkinz Jr. puppy (which he named Alvin), some books and a new bike. (For some reason I can't find the pictures of him on his new bike!)

Jack and his shark cake.

Owen and Jack and the birthday treats.

Blowing out the candles.

Jack opening some of his presents, with his puppy Alvin.

First Day of School

This year Owen and Jack both started school on August 24th. Owen started Kindergarten and Jack had his first day of preschool. They were both extremely excited. Unfortunately, it was 107° that day and it made for a hot day of driving around in the car all day. Jack has morning preschool and Owen has afternoon kindergarten so that means on Tuesdays and Thursday I practically live in my car. (And not just any car. That's right I'm now officially a minivan driving soccer mom!) It was a pain at first but now that I'm getting used to it, it's not so bad. I get a lot of reading done!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Random Baby Stuff

Since I don't feel like I have much to do in order to prepare for another boy, I've been having fun spending more time making things.

I made these blankets for my sister's baby and mine. (The blue one is for our baby.)

I knitted this sweater while at the beach.

Just for fun, Robby's mom found the cross stitch she made him when he was a baby. And no, that is not a typo, he really was 11 lbs. 3 oz. when he was born.

Placer County Fair

This year we decided to head to the county fair since admission was free. Of course, we then spent the money we saved and let the kids do all the rides they wanted. They had a blast and I think from now on we may skip the state fair and head to the county fair since it's much smaller.

Here's some pictures of the boys enjoying the rides.

Ocean Isle Beach 2010

This year we were lucky enough to go and spend three weeks at my parent's beach house in Ocean Isle Beach, NC. Robby couldn't miss quite that much work so the boys and I headed out a few days ahead of him. I was a little worried about flying across the country by myself with the boys but they did amazing and it ended up not being a big deal after all.

There's not much exciting to say that we did at the beach. It was just us, my parents, and my brother Jeff and his family. We pretty much relaxed for 3 straight weeks. It was amazing. We did venture out one day and took a ride on the ferry but other than that we went to the beach, went to the pool, read, slept, and ate...a lot.

So here's a ton of pictures from the trip. Thanks to my dad for being the designated photographer. (Sorry if you notice a lack of pictures of me, but I don't do pictures when I'm pregnant.)

Harrison, James, Jack and Owen checking out the sand castle.

James and Jack playing under the house.

Jack digging, one of his favorite things to do at the beach.

Jack playing in a bucket, his other favorite thing to do.

Jack sitting in a bucket. This was his favorite this to do last year and he was little upset that he no longer fit all the way in the bucket.

Jack splashing in the water.

Jack buried in the sand. We couldn't get Owen to join him regardless of the bribes.

Jack and Owen playing on the deck with glow sticks.

Jack and Owen posing for pictures.

Harrison, James and Jack hanging out in a tide pool.

Family picture! (Soon to be outdated.)

Jeff and Augusta's sand castle.

Owen and James digging in the sand.

Owen and James on the deck.

Owen playing soccer in honor of the World Cup.

Owen catching waves in a tube.

Owen riding on the ferry.

Owen catching more waves.

View from the deck.

Robby and the boys catching fish.