Sunday, March 20, 2011

Cousin Pictures

Robby's brother, Jake, got married a couple of weeks ago so we had the whole family together for the first time in a couple of years. So we decided to get pictures taken of all nine Walker cousins. It was a little tricky with an 18 month old, a six month old and two 4 month olds. Here's the best shots from the photo shoot.

The whole gang.

Boy cousins

The babies. Drake (6 months), Emmett (4 months) and Isaac (4 months). Yup, Emmett is the runt of the bunch.

My boys

Handsome boys again. Owen is at the stage where he can't quite figure out how to smile naturally!

More Owen Bragging

Sorry, one more post of bragging about Owen. That's what blogs are for though, right? I love the papers he brings home from school lately. I love seeing how much he is learning and how creative he is. We also just got his second trimester report card and once again he had perfect scores on everything. We are so proud of him!

Here's some more of his school papers.

I love how he misspelled his last name in this one!

This was his 100th Day of School project. We cut out 100 pictures of him from birth to now.

This is a bad picture but is shows his incredible handwriting. His teacher told us it is almost unheard of for a boy to have such good handwriting.

Jack and Emmett too!

I really do love all my kids the same. It seems like lately I post all about Owen. He's just got lots of fun things going on right now.

Right now Jack is loving preschool and starting to really catch on to his letters and their sounds. Last week his class went on a field trip to Carl's Jr. They each got to make their own t-shirt to wear to the field trip.

Jack is also starting to try new foods. This is huge for him. Since the day he was born this kid has been extremely picky. We learned the hard way that we can't force him to try things either. He just gags and throws up. Eww! So recently he has added apples and raisins to his diet! It doesn't sound like much but it is a big step.

Emmett is seriously the best baby ever! It's not unusual for him to sleep 10-12 hours at night without waking up. I think we have the thumb-sucking to thank for this. And he is a great sport getting dragged all over town while I take Owen and Jack to all their various stuff. He is also starting to get mobile. He rolls all over the place. I'm constantly finding him stuck in a corner somewhere. Here's a video. (Sorry it is so shaky, I kept moving to get out of his way.)


This year Owen started baseball. He had no interest in T-ball so we skipped it and went straight to baseball. He is #28 on the A's. The league he is in does machine-pitch. It's a pretty fast pitch and he is working hard to get the hang of it! It's a lot harder than when Dad pitched to him.

A few months ago when it was time for baseball registration I asked Owen if he wanted to play and he said no. I kept asking him throughout the week and no matter what, he said no. I couldn't believe it. This kid likes to play any sport and we play baseball at Robby's parents' house all the time. So finally I asked him why he didn't want to play and he admitted he wasn't sure he knew how to run all the bases! Robby then did a quick lesson on baseball (diagrams and all) and Owen decided that he definitely wanted to play baseball. I don't think he realized his team would have lots of practices before an actual game.

Owen in on the bottom, second from the left. His buddy Ethan is to the left of him.

So far he loves practice and can't wait for a game. Unfortunately, it keeps raining so no games yet!

Owen's 6th Birthday

Owen is 6 years old! Crazy! Since we did a friend party last year, we decided just to do a party with family this year. (Although, we realized his cousins are who he would invite to his party anyway!) We had it all planned out to just celebrate his birthday at Grandma and Grandpa's house on Sunday when we were already there. But on his actual birthday he asked if we could go bowling. Last minute, I texted Robby's siblings (this is how the Walkers communicate) and asked if anyway wanted to join us. Much to my surprise, everyone said the were coming. So I quickly whipped up a batch of cupcakes and we celebrated his birthday at the bowling alley. He told us it was the best birthday ever!

For his birthday, Owen got all his baseball gear (us, Grandma and Grandpa Walker, Maddy and Sawyer), a crayon maker (Corbridges), Lego motorcycles and a remote control Hexabug (Grandma Jane and Grandpa Jim). Needless to say, he was very spoiled!

Baseball and glove from Mom, Dad, Jack and Emmett

Baseball bat from Maddie, Sawyer and Isaac

Cupcakes and presents

Jack, Mayce, Payton, Owen and Fallyn

These guys are all really best friends. They see each other at least twice a week and every time they get so excited you'd think they hadn't seen each other in months. We are so grateful to be so close to family.

All the cool shoes! Jack told me he wanted to buy some to keep.

Happy Birthday Owen!