Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Random Baby Stuff

Since I don't feel like I have much to do in order to prepare for another boy, I've been having fun spending more time making things.

I made these blankets for my sister's baby and mine. (The blue one is for our baby.)

I knitted this sweater while at the beach.

Just for fun, Robby's mom found the cross stitch she made him when he was a baby. And no, that is not a typo, he really was 11 lbs. 3 oz. when he was born.

Placer County Fair

This year we decided to head to the county fair since admission was free. Of course, we then spent the money we saved and let the kids do all the rides they wanted. They had a blast and I think from now on we may skip the state fair and head to the county fair since it's much smaller.

Here's some pictures of the boys enjoying the rides.

Ocean Isle Beach 2010

This year we were lucky enough to go and spend three weeks at my parent's beach house in Ocean Isle Beach, NC. Robby couldn't miss quite that much work so the boys and I headed out a few days ahead of him. I was a little worried about flying across the country by myself with the boys but they did amazing and it ended up not being a big deal after all.

There's not much exciting to say that we did at the beach. It was just us, my parents, and my brother Jeff and his family. We pretty much relaxed for 3 straight weeks. It was amazing. We did venture out one day and took a ride on the ferry but other than that we went to the beach, went to the pool, read, slept, and ate...a lot.

So here's a ton of pictures from the trip. Thanks to my dad for being the designated photographer. (Sorry if you notice a lack of pictures of me, but I don't do pictures when I'm pregnant.)

Harrison, James, Jack and Owen checking out the sand castle.

James and Jack playing under the house.

Jack digging, one of his favorite things to do at the beach.

Jack playing in a bucket, his other favorite thing to do.

Jack sitting in a bucket. This was his favorite this to do last year and he was little upset that he no longer fit all the way in the bucket.

Jack splashing in the water.

Jack buried in the sand. We couldn't get Owen to join him regardless of the bribes.

Jack and Owen playing on the deck with glow sticks.

Jack and Owen posing for pictures.

Harrison, James and Jack hanging out in a tide pool.

Family picture! (Soon to be outdated.)

Jeff and Augusta's sand castle.

Owen and James digging in the sand.

Owen and James on the deck.

Owen playing soccer in honor of the World Cup.

Owen catching waves in a tube.

Owen riding on the ferry.

Owen catching more waves.

View from the deck.

Robby and the boys catching fish.

Monterey and San Francisco

Right after Owen's preschool graduation we jumped in the car and headed to Monterey for the weekend. Robby had a work conference to go to so the boys and I went along for the ride. The hotel had a pool and we were close to the Monterey Bay Aquarium. So as far as the boys were concerned it was a vacation!

Robby had meetings during the day so we went and hung out at the aquarium. It was packed as usual but we got there early enough to avoid most of the crowds. Owen and Jack loved the otters, sharks and penguins. After we left the aquarium, Jack kept asking why we didn't see the sea horses. After a while, I finally realized he expected to see actual horses in the water, not small funny looking fish.

While we were in Monterey, the boys kept begging to play in the sand and ocean. They are used to the beach on the east coast and didn't believe me that it would be too cold. So we ventured out so I could prove to them that they would not want to play in the cold water. They finally believed me after checking it out for themselves.

After Robby's meetings were over we spent some time checking out Monterey. The boys loved all the big boats and of course Ghirardelli Square.

We then decided to head to San Francisco for a Giants game. Of course it was freezing at the game but luckily we had planned ahead and brought tons of blankets, coats, hats, gloves, etc. The boys enjoyed the game, but especially enjoyed the food (hot dogs & popcorn) and all the fun stuff there was to do at the stadium. They went down the big slides and Owen even got to play a little baseball.

After a fun weekend it was time to head home so we could get ready to go to Ocean Isle Beach, NC.

Owen's Preschool Graduation

At the end of May, Owen graduated from preschool! That's right, I'll have a kid in Kindergarten next year. Crazy! We absolutely love his preschool teachers, Miss Judy and Miss Shannon, and can't wait for Jack to start preschool there next year. (Yup, I'll have two days a week with both my kids in school!)

Here's some pictures from the momentous occasion.

Much to our surprise, Owen even sang and participated through the whole graduation. He usually hates people watching him, especially people he doesn't know, so this was a great surprise. Preschool was a success!

Also note the button-up shirt. Like his father, he is a jeans and t-shirt guy, but he felt this was a special enough occasion to whip out a button-up shirt!