Monday, November 3, 2008


Two weeks ago Robby had to go to Montreal for work training to the boys and I headed to Portland to visit my parents and brothers' families. It was a crazy week but we enjoyed seeing everyone and it was nice to be home by ourselves while Robby was gone. We got to see my parents' house, although it was pretty much gutted at that point. We are excited to see it finished this Christmas.

The entire week we were in Portland we were preparing for Jeff and Augusta's annual Halloween party. They go all out and I am pretty sure they have more Halloween decorations than all of my holiday decorations combined. While getting ready for the party we were anxiously waiting to see if my sister-in-law was going to have her baby. She was hoping to not have until after the party. She made through the party but unfortunately she is still waiting for that baby to come!

Jeff and Augusta not only go all out on their party but also on their costumes. (The party has a strictly enforced costumes required rule.) Dressing up is not really my thing but they insisted I wore Augusta's strawberry costume from a previous year.

Here is everyone in their costumes for the party. (Augusta, Jeff, Scott, and Tiffany)

Here is Augusta and I in costume at the party. I know. I can't believe I am putting this picture up for everyone to see.

Before Jeff and Augusta's party we took the kids to the neighborhood Halloween party. They had several games for the kids to play.

Here is Owen (Snoopy), Jack (Charlie Brown) and James (astronaut) all ready to go.

The week after we got back from Portland we took the boys to two trunk-or-treats and out to actually trick-or-treat on Halloween of course. For some reason we never got all the cousins together in a picture so here's the best we got of Owen, Mayce and Jack together.

A couple of days before we went to Portland we got together with Erin, her sister-in-law Kerry, and her cousin Britney and had a craft day with the kids. They made tie-dye shirts, pumpkin bats, and decorated cookies. It was crazy but I think we all had fun. Here are all the kids in their tie-dye shirts. Thanks for the picture Erin! (We drew jack-o-lantern faces on the shirts after the party and my kids got tons of comments on them when they wore them on the plane to Portland.)