Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Here are some pictures I finally uploaded off my camera. Just stuff the boys have been doing lately.

We were slackers and didn't get a card in the mail on time for Mother's Day. So the boys made Grandma Jane an e-card that we emailed to her. Luckily, Grandma Walker lives here so we got her a real card on time for Mother's Day.

Jack loves to try on shoes. He doesn't discriminate. Men's or women's, doesn't matter to him. Here he is my church black church shoes. I sometimes have a hard time choosing between the two as well.

I'm surprised Jack could even stand up wearing Robby's backpack. He wore it around until Robby had to go to Scouts and wasn't happy when it got taken away.

My kids love watering the flowers. Fortunately, they can't turn on the water themselves or my flowers would be drowning. I'm not good at remembering to water the flowers though, so it is nice that the boys remind me.

I made this apron for Owen since he loves to cook so much (mostly cookies). But when Jack gets a chance he likes to wear it too.

Owen's cousins got him this awesome sucker at Disneyland. Unfortunately, it kept getting dropped and broken. Eventually, the sucker that was left mysteriously "disappeared" into the garbage. Thanks Payton, Fallyn and Mayce!

Owen got soccer goals for his birthday. Now that the weather is nice he is outside playing whenever he can find an opponent. You probably can't see but he is also wearing his shin guards. The shin guards are used for everything these days: soccer, running, bike riding, etc.

Easter, Finally

I know Easter was over a month ago, but here are some pictures. We hadn't a pretty low key Easter weekend. Robby was lucky enough to be able to take Saturday off so we went to my friend Melanie's parent's house for an awesome Easter egg hunt. Later that day we dyed eggs with Robby's sister's family. On Sunday we had dinner with Robby's parents and the kids did another small Easter egg hunt with their cousins. It was nice to have a weekend with Robby for the first time since tax season began.

Here are the kids after the Easter Egg hunt. Owen wouldn't look at the camera because the sun was too bright and Jack was too busy transferring eggs from his basket to Owen's for some reason. So this is the best picture we got.

The boys with their baskets before getting everything out.

The boys after they emptied their baskets. Since we have early church they didn't get much time to look at them. Last year Robby got up with the boys on Easter and they ate their chocolate bunnies before I even woke up.