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Wednesday, November 7, 2012


Just so you know, this is the first of about six posts, so keep reading!

Robby's mom gave Owen and Jack BYU football uniforms for Christmas last year.  So the boys  decided to use them as Halloween costumes.  The pants didn't fit anymore so I made pants for all three boys and we had to find a jersey for Emmett.  Overall, it was an easy year for making Halloween costumes.

Pumpkin Patch

Robby and the boys played hooky from work/school and we took a trip to the pumpkin patch with Maddie, Isaac and the Corbridges.  Honestly, we're discovering the cousins have fun doing just about anything as long as their all together.  Isaac was not a fan of getting his picture so he's usually just out of the shot.

Emmett's Birthday

We celebrated Emmett's 2nd birthday with his cousin, Isaac, since their birthdays are so close together.  They each got their own cake and we did a little kid's pinata and a big kid's pinata.  They both got lots of fun books and toys and Grandma and Grandpa got them big wheels.

Jack's Birthday

Here's pictures of Jack's 5th birthday.  We had monster cupcakes, and among other things, he got a monster Webkinz.  The kids had all just made tie-dye shirts and wanted to all wear them together.

Back to School!

This year Owen started 2nd grade in Mrs. Gieck's class and Jack started transitional kindergarten in Mrs. Anderson's class.  Although we really felt that Jack was ready for kindergarten, we decided to place him in the transitional kindergarten program.  It's a two-year program for kids with birthdays in the fall.  We don't feel like he really needs it now but we're sure we'll be grateful we did it when he is in junior/high school and the oldest in his class instead of the youngest.  Seriously, I agonized and lost sleep over this decision (and still do).

Anyway, with the Owen and Jack in school, this means I have afternoons to myself in a quiet house while Emmett naps.  It's awesome!  I wish I could say I'm usually super productive during this time but sometimes it's really easy to sit down and read a book or catch up on TV or something totally unproductive.

Happy Easter

Here's a cute picture of the boys in their Easter outfits.  Okay, I know boys don't usually get Easter outfits, but I don't have any girls!