Wednesday, April 6, 2011

April Fool's Doughnuts

My mom sent the boys "doughnut seeds" for April Fool's Day. It was actually a packet of cheerios. My boys totally believed it though. We planted them in a bowl of water and when they woke up the next morning the bowl was filled with powdered doughnuts. They were amazed. Owen eventually caught on that it was a joke but I have a feeling Jack still thinks doughnuts come from seeds.

Seriously, I'm starting to realize I have no pictures of Jack these days. I swear I love him just as much as my other children. He just doesn't seem to stick around long enough for me to get pictures. (I know, I'm gearing up for all the "middle child" complaints.)

Baby Food!

I've been avoiding it but finally decided it's time to start baby food. Here's some funny pics from Emmett's first try. He actually loved it. I gave him sweet potatoes and I couldn't feed it to him fast enough.

I have no idea why he has on a Kings headband. This is what happens when you have two older brothers.

So when Owen was a baby I left Robby and his dad to babysit and I came home to this:

Yup, that's a T-bone.

Apparently, my children are born loving red meat because this was Emmett on Sunday:

That's a hunk of tri-tip. He loved it. When Robby finally took it away, Emmett had a fit. And I mean crying and screaming. He was ticked!