Monday, May 24, 2010

Baby #3 is a ...


We hadn't told very many people until recently but we are having baby #3. I had several miscarriages last year and we are so happy to finally have baby #3 on it's way. Up until now it's been a pretty long and stressful pregnancy, but I'm finally starting to get excited. Since I had so many miscarriages I was treated as a "high-risk pregnancy" and have already been to several doctors many times and have already had 4 ultrasounds. So basically, we already have a photo album for this kid. Now that I am almost 20 weeks and things seem to be going smoothly I will just have my regular doctor appointments from now on. Yeah!

Before we even had kids, I told Robby that for some reason I thought we'd have a houseful of boys. Sure enough my predictions seem to be right. Both Owen and Jack were pulling for a boy so they are very excited. I guess I should say Owen is very excited. Jack is pretty clueless about the whole thing.

Here's the most recent picture of the little guy.

So as you can probably guess this (and tax season) were why I've been missing from the blog world for awhile. For the last 12 weeks I have been strictly in "survival mode." My only goal was to make the sure the kids were fed each day. It doesn't sound like much but some days it was stretch. Thankfully, Robby works close now so he was able to come home a lot and help. His family was also a big help by taking the kids off my hands and even cleaning my house!

Here's some pictures from the last couple of weeks.

This is the boys on the Father and Sons Campout. (Yup, I was home all alone for almost 24 hours!)

Here are the boys playing in some fountains at a nearby shopping center. Owen loved it and jumped right in. Jack was not so sure and only got in for a second or two.

Hopefully, I'll have lots of picture coming soon. We're going to Monterey, San Francisco and my parents' beach house in the next little while so I'll actually take some pictures (if I remember).