Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Happy 7th Birthday Owen!

We decided to go all out and let Owen have a real friend birthday party this year. He decided he wanted to go ice skating. I was a little nervous about taking a bunch of 4 to 8-year olds ice skating but we did it anyway and it was a blast. They started out with a little party with pizza and ice cream and then went ice skating. We figured the kids would last less than an hour ice skating but they surprised us and we literally had to drag them off the ice after almost 3 hours! Owen got to ride the zamboni, then a sled, then got to race a big tricycle on the ice since he was the birthday boy. We couldn't have imagined a better party and he said it was the best birthday ever, although we've realized he says this every year.

Having pizza and ice cream.

Ice skating lesson before they got on the ice.

Tricycle race.

Singing happy birthday to Owen.

Watching the zamboni.

All the kids on the ice.

Owen riding the zamboni. (You can see his legs hanging off the side.)

Getting ready to ride the zamboni.

Getting pushed around on a sled.

Owen and Mike, the guy in charge of the party.

Jack skating. We're were shocked that Jack stayed on the ice the whole time. He pushed buckets around the whole time for balance and didn't want to leave.

Owen skating. He'd only been once before but he did really well.

The birthday boy.


I know I'm a little behind but here's our pictures from Christmas.

The boys woke up Christmas morning and opened gifts from Santa. We then went to church with Grandma and Grandpa Walker and almost all of Robby's family. Then we went to Robby's parents to open up the rest of the presents. As usual the kids got way more presents than they needed. Owen got new shoes (bright blue and green Reebok Zigs that he'd been begging to have for months), Beyblades, a Kings hat, and some books. Jack got a dinosaur, a Kings hat, a Hot Wheels Wall Track and some books. They both got a cool car track from Grandma Jane and Grandpa Jim and BYU Football uniforms from Grandma and Grandpa Walker. Emmett got some new sippy cups, socks, and a Cars race track.

Opening up presents from Santa.

This is what Emmett usually looks like. He sucks his left thumb while rubbing his hair with his right hand. It is very cute.

The boys in their football helmets, new shirts and Owen in his new shoes.

Jack in the full football uniform.

The boys opening presents at the Walkers'.

I've decided Christmas is so much fun now that I have kids. It is so fun to watch them open presents and get so excited. Its hard not to get them everything they ask for.

We're back...for now

Can you tell we've been a little busy around here? Once tax season hits, I can't seem to get anything done. By the time I get the kids in bed I'm exhausted and collapse in bed. Only a few more weeks left. Oh, and we had about two weeks of the stomach flu, terrible colds, sinus infections, ear infections and pink eye. It was awesome.

Here's what's been going on in the mean time.

We took the kids to the Sacramento Kings fan night. All day long Jack talked about meeting Jimmer, but as you can see (or not see) he completely chickened out once we got there and wouldn't even get in the picture.

I made Robby's brother a chocolate mousse crunch cake for his birthday one Sunday. While we were eating lunch we realized Emmett was being very quiet and found him in the fridge helping himself to cake by the fistful. Luckily, the cake was mostly okay and everyone still ate it!

We took Owen and Jack to a Kings game against the Celtics. It was the day before St. Patrick's day and Jack kept asking us if BYU was winning or the leprechauns. Let's just say he was there mostly for the food. I think he had cotton candy, popcorn, root beer, licorice rope, a Hershey bar, and Dibs ice cream.

Fallyn, Owen and Payton took an introductory ice hockey class. Owen liked it, the girls hated it. And I mean they really hated it. I don't think we'll see them in hockey gear again.

I learned not to tell the boys we're going to visit Grandma Jane and Grandpa Jim too early. I told them a month before, so all day they would ask how many days until we leave. Finally, we made a paper chain to keep track.