Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Tri for Fun

At the beginning of August, Robby and his brother, Sawyer, did a triathlon called the Tri for Fun. It was a 1/2 mile swim, 16 mile bike, and a 3 mile run.

Robby finishing up the bike.

Robby starting the run.

Robby at the finish line.

Sawyer finishing the bike. Love the no shirt look.

Sawyer starting the run.

Issac and Emmett watching the race. Isaac is two weeks older than Emmett but twice the size!

Jack watching the race.

Owen and Grandpa watching.

Isaac taking a break with Grandpa.

Emmett and I at the finish line.

Happy 4th Birthday Jack!

I can't believe it but Jack is 4! We celebrated on Labor Day (a day early) since everyone was already at Grandma and Grandpa's. Here some pictures from the day.

Jack insisted on having a pinata for some reason. Here he is taking a swing with a bat.

After several rounds with the plastic bat Robby and Dave decided a golf club would be more effective.

Breaking it open!

The kids (and Jake) grabbing the candy.

Emmett wasn't quite old enough to participate in the pinata this year so he had to watch with Grandpa.

Everyone hanging out at the party.

Jack opening presents. He's holding his Monkey Webkinz Jr., which he named George. Although poor George seems to have different name on a daily basis. Jack also got a scooter, some Trios, an airplane, a recorder (yup, the instrument, he's been wanting one forever for some reason) and a shirt.

Jack and Owen being silly with Grandma.

Blowing out the candles on the race cars.

This is Meeshka. Jake and Shelby added her to their family the weekend of Jack's birthday. Needless to say the kids LOVE her, sometime a little too much.

Messy Emmett

Emmett is a messy baby! He needs a bath and new clothes almost every time he eats. His favorite food lately is peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and he makes a mess.

He gets extra messy because between bites he sucks on his left thumb and twirls his hair with his right hand.

First Day of School 2011

This year Jack is going to preschool 3 days a week and Owen started 1st grade. It's crazy! I can't believe I have a kid that goes to school all day. (And three mornings a week it is just Emmett and I. Awesome!) They both love going to school. Although Owen comes home exhausted every day. And when I ask him what he did at school all I get is a report of what he did at recess. Jack at least tells me what letter he learned about.

Owen's first day of 1st grade.

Jack's first day of 4-year old preschool.

Owen's first day, Jack's second day.

Sprint Triathlon

After Robby and his brother did a triathlon a couple of months ago, my sister-in-law Maddie decided we needed to do one too. Since we weren't ready to commit to anything serious, we decided to do a sprint triathlon. Our other sister-in-law Shelby got on board too. (We are married to the 3 Walker brothers.) It was 400 yard swim (about 1/4 mile), 8 mile bike, and 2 mile run. I trained for all of 2 weeks!

I didn't do in any sort of record time but I did finish in 1 hour, 3 minutes. (Maddie beat me by about 2 minutes and I beat Shelby by about 2 minutes.) It was one of those things where I asked myself the whole run, "Why the heck did I do this?!" But after it was over it was awesome and I'd love to keep training and maybe try something a little bigger.

Of course, the husbands raced as well just to show us they could kick our butts. Big surprise! Once again, Robby beat Sawyer. Don't worry Sawyer, Robby is starting get old, you'll beat him soon.

Here are some lovely pictures from the event.

Maddie, Shelby and I getting ready to start. Maddie and Shelby are in the black tops. I'm next to them but you can't really see me.

Maddie coming out of the water.

Maddie starting her run.

Sawyer coming out of the water.

Me starting the run.

Robby finishing up the run with the boys encouragement.

Haha! Shelby's arm. For some reason she missed being photographed. But I'm pretty sure Robby's mom has more picture so I'll have to add some.