Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Good kisser

Beware those with young daughters! Jack is quite the kisser these days.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Ocean Isle Beach

We spent the last two weeks of August at Ocean Isle Beach, NC. It was amazing. My parent's have an awesome beach house and we had so much fun with them and my oldest brother and his family. We had two whole weeks with nothing to worry about except putting on enough sunscreen. I even learned to knit (so fun!) while I was there.

Here some of the pictures from the trip.

Can you see a theme to what Jack's favorite thing to do was?

Owen discovered the boogie boards. We were surprised at how brave he was.

This is Owen making sand angels. And yes, this is the same kid that doesn't like to be dirty and won't even finger paint. Go figure.

The whole family in the water. Even Jack loved the ocean this year so it was fun for all of us to get in.

Family picture. My hair is crazy because it was so windy that day!

All the kids hanging out on the deck, eating Otter Pops.

My dad took tons more pictures but I haven't had a chance to go through them all yet.

Big News

Woohoo! Jack is potty trained. We were mean and started potty training him the day before his 2nd birthday. I wasn't planning on it so early, but he started telling me he needed to poop and would lead me to the bathroom. Needless to say, I wasn't going to miss this window of opportunity. I had an awesome picture of him on the potty wearing all his bike gear but I can't find it anywhere. When I find it, I will add it to the post. Something to embarrass him with later.

Happy Birthday Jack!

Last Sunday we celebrated Jack's 2nd birthday. He was clueless about the whole thing. It didn't start out well when he was terrified of his cake and then he got a toy that he was scared of. Poor kid. Eventually he got into everything once all the cousins got there.

Here's Jack and the "terrifying" cake. He kept crying and saying, "Away, away!"

Grandma and Grandpa got a pinata for Jack's party. As you can see Jack wasn't thrilled about it.

Owen and the other kids loved it!

Jack opening his presents.

One of Jack's favorite presents was Mr. Potato Heads that have animal faces. Once he opened this Owen tried to take over opening the other presents.

Here he is with his Mr. Potato Head.

Jack's big present from both sets of grandparents was a Skuut bike. It's a pedal-less bike. It is supposed to teach kids how to balance on a bike so they never have to use training wheels. We'll let you know how it works.

Of course, you need safety gear to ride a bike. Thanks Tommy and Kelsey!

Here's Jack blowing (spitting) out the candles. Happy Birthday Jack!

Just for fun, here's a couple pictures from Jack's past birthdays.