Sunday, June 28, 2009

That's one way to do it

Whenever we go to the park I feel like I spend most of my time lifting my kids up to get a drink of water out of the drinking fountain. I finally got sick of it one day and this is how Owen figured out to do it himself. Pretty creative I think. (Sorry for the weird crooked photo, I took it on my phone.)

Sno Cones

On Friday I had a Primary activity. We had a water day at the park and we rented a sno cone machine. The kids all had lots of fun and even Jack got in on the action. About 15 minutes after getting to the park to set up for the activity Jack had already climbed into a bucket of water. I hadn't planned on him getting wet since he wasn't staying for the actual activity. So he ended up in just his diaper. Long story short, Jack ended up staying for most of the activity and got to have sno cones with the rest of the Primary kids. I am pretty sure he ate at least three. And lets just say sno cone favoring stains, even skin. He was red for the rest of the day. (I was too though after making about 100 sno cones.)