Wednesday, June 1, 2011


Last night we took the boys to the circus! It was a fun, small circus that set up a tent on the local fairgrounds. It was a lot of fun since we sat really close - on the front row that was maybe 20 feet from the center of the ring. The boys loved the entire thing. They even got us to let them ride an elephant. Jack screamed when Robby put him on the elephant but was fine once it got going. Six bucks a kid was probably a little pricey but hey, when are you ever gonna get to ride an elephant again?! (Plus we had some coupons that came in our ticket package.) They could've chosen to ride on a camel too but we decided one large animal ride was probably enough for the night.

Mayce, Payton and Fallyn (and two other kids) on the elephant.

Owen and Jack (and some girl) on the elephant.

Fallyn, Payton, Dave, Erin and Mayce (They left Drake at home with a sitter.)

Robby was of course taking the picture, but I swear he went with us.

The kids (minus Payton) watching the circus. (Emmett slept through about half of it.)

This was the expression Jack had on his face the entire time.

Here's what Owen looked like the entire time.

This was Owen's favorite part - when the contortionist folded himself in a box.

Jack liked watching the elephants. Although his favorite part was when the clown's pants fell down. Unfortunately (or fortunately?), we didn't get a picture of that.

The jugglers using glow-in-the dark rings and pins.

We're so glad we went. It was one of those last minute things that we just happened to see an ad for. The kids had a blast and it was a relatively inexpensive outing compared to taking them to the Barnum and Bailey Circus. And I think we enjoyed it more since we got to sit so close. (Much better than paying $35/ticket to sit in the nosebleeds of the arena and not be able to see anything.)

No Training Wheels!

Last Saturday, I had Robby take one of Jack's training wheels off since it wasn't staying on very well. He started to fix it then decided to just see if Jack could ride without the training wheels. After a little convincing, Jack hopped on and without any help just started riding. By that afternoon, he rode all the way to the park. His Skuut definitely helped since he already had the balance part down.

Way to go Jack! He's so excited to go on bike rides and feel like a big kid.