Thursday, April 30, 2009

Changing Up the Blog

So I have been resisting changing my blog. Then tonight (since Robby is working at home and I'm bored) I decided it was time to make it look a little cuter than the basic layout I got when I first started this thing. After way too much time (I won't admit how much time) I finally picked a layout and at the same time realized why I don't usually do this kind of stuff. I have issues. I can't for the life of me just pick something and be happy with it. I have to make sure I have seen everything and then I have to try most of them. It's exhausting. Robby makes fun of me because I do the same thing even when I am making a Primary handout or something. I have to download a new font and that in itself takes way too long to pick out. In the end I know all the kids probably don't even make it home with the handout I have spent hours on, but for some reason I can't help myself. I blame it on my mother. I got all my OCD-ness from her and my son is now inheriting the OCD gene. For example, he won't touch finger paint (too messy), his blankets have to be perfectly tucked in at night and for awhile his blankie even had to be folded in a square, until I stopped this because I got sick of waking up in the middle of the night to refold the blankie in a square. This is only the start of it. His preschool teacher even told me Owen is one of her most 'meticulous" students. I guess this is a nice way of saying obsessive-compulsive. Poor Owen, it's not his fault. It's just in his genes.

By the way, the "cub scout badge" blog layout was a close second to the one I finally chose. Maybe next time.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

St. Patrick's Day

I know this post is really late but I finally uploaded all of my pictures onto my computer from my camera.

On St. Patrick's Day we really didn't do anything exciting. But Robby came home at a decent time (8 PM) so we decided to have dinner with him. Actually, we had green breakfast for dinner. We had green waffles, green eggs, green Orange Julius, and bacon. I thought it would bother Owen that everything was green but he thought it was really funny. He kept saying, "This isn't Orange Julius, this is Green Julius!" The eggs were VERY green because Robby had a little mishap with the food coloring. They looked disgusting.


This week at school Owen is the VIP. So last week Owen's teacher sent us home with a cardboard cutout of a person to decorate that will be on display during Owen's VIP week. Owen decided he wanted the cutout to wear the same clothes as he wanted to wear to school. So we took pictures of his clothes, stretched and pulled them to fit in Adobe, then printed and cut them out. We also took a picture of of Owen's head and did the same thing. We then printed out graphics of some of his favorite things: soccer, the book "Russell the Sheep" and a hammer because he wants to be a builder when he grows up. We put everything on the cutout and this is what we got. Robby said it was really cool but kind of "eerie" how much the cutout looked like Owen.

I'm not sure what else being the VIP entails. I think Owen gets to be the special helper and he gets to bring show and tell this week. By the way, he was the VIP this week because it was his turn alphabetically.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Still Here

I swear we are still alive. It has been especially weird and crazy tax season this year. We are so excited that there are only two weeks left! Hopefully, life will return to normal again.

Last week the boys and I decided we had had enough of tax season so we took off to Portland to visit my parents. The boys had a blast and we were sad when we had to leave (although glad to see Robby). It was a nice break from the tax season routine. As soon as my dad sends me the pictures I will post them.

Other than that we haven't done much of anything the last few weeks. We are just anxiously awaiting April 15th!