Friday, August 14, 2009

Ocean Isle or Bust!

Tomorrow we leave for Ocean Isle for two weeks for a much needed vacation. It's been a rough year and we definitely need a break. Please no hurricanes! I swear I will post lots of updates when we return.

Here's a couple of pictures just for fun though. This is what the boys do whenever Robby washes the car. They never help. They just get in the buckets. Robby has finally learned to give them each their own bucket so they don't fight. Then he uses a different one to wash the car so the kids don't get in the dirty, greasy water. Robby is even nice and fills the buckets with warm water. Although they would get in them even if the water was ice cold.

By the way, they do have swimsuits on. I promise they were not running around in the driveway naked.

I am not sure why, but the other night this is how we found Owen when we went to bed. The next morning he had no recollection of falling asleep on the floor outside his door.