Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Back to School!

This year Owen started 2nd grade in Mrs. Gieck's class and Jack started transitional kindergarten in Mrs. Anderson's class.  Although we really felt that Jack was ready for kindergarten, we decided to place him in the transitional kindergarten program.  It's a two-year program for kids with birthdays in the fall.  We don't feel like he really needs it now but we're sure we'll be grateful we did it when he is in junior/high school and the oldest in his class instead of the youngest.  Seriously, I agonized and lost sleep over this decision (and still do).

Anyway, with the Owen and Jack in school, this means I have afternoons to myself in a quiet house while Emmett naps.  It's awesome!  I wish I could say I'm usually super productive during this time but sometimes it's really easy to sit down and read a book or catch up on TV or something totally unproductive.

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